DR. EP Scarlett High School is a member of the Calgary Senior High School Athletic Association. This association has been a governing body for high school sports since January 14,1913. The Calgary Senior High School Athletic Association (CSHSAA) believes that the interscholastic program , as a recognized part of the school program is educationally sound and will enhance the physical, mental, emotional and social development of young people. Their are at present 26 members Calgary Senior High School Athletic Association combining the public and Catholic school boards.

DR. EP Scarlett is also a member of the (Alberta Schools Athletic Association) The ASAA is a voluntary non-profit organization that has been established to coordinate a program of worthwhile athletic activities for the young people of Alberta in an educational setting. The ASAA provides direction in the area of equitable competition and ethical standards for all involved in the provincial high school championships.

Interschool athletics is an integral part of the educational process at DR. EP Scarlett, but is understood that participation is a privilige not a right! As there are programs for the gifted student, the athletic program at DR. EP Scarlett is for students considered to be athletically gifted. Since its opening in 1970 DR. EP Scarlett has set the highest standards for athletic achievement as is evident by the number of City Championships and Provincial Championships. The school is involved in a great number of sports, feel free to browse the sport activities and find what interests you!

Teams: Football, Cross Country, Volleyball, Basketball, Swimming, Badminton, Soccer, Field Hockey, and Track and Field.

Team Colors: Scarlett,Grey and White


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