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School Council News
All parents and guardians are invited to participate in School Council and the Dr E.P. Scarlett Parents and Alumni Association (“Friends of Scarlett”) meetings throughout the school year. School Council meetings are an opportunity for parents to provide input into school decision making and to hear about the schools’ plans and activities, as well as those of the CBE.  Meetings often open with a “focus topic” or parent education session, with topics selected based on parent preferences.  For 2017‑2018, a series of topics related to the CBE’s Three Year Education Plan has been drafted. Topics will be finalized with input from attendees at the September meeting. “Friends of Scarlett” is the society that does fundraising to enhance school resources and activities. Meetings are an opportunity for parents to steward both fundraising (primarily through volunteering at a casino every eighteen months) and the use of funds.
For 2017-2018 meeting dates are:
·        Monday, September 18 – Minutes
·        Monday, October 23 – Agenda Minutes
·        Monday, November 20 – Agenda Minutes
·        Monday, January 15 – Agenda Minutes
·        Monday, February 26 – Agenda Minutes
·        Monday, April 16 – Agenda
·        Monday, May 14
If you would like to get involved in any capacity (we are in particular need of a parent to serve as Treasurer), or if you have suggestions for focus topics or matters that you think should be discussed at School Council, you can contact Glynis Carling at

School Council Annual Report for 2016-17